Masseuse Says She Pulled Out Mace Spray To Defend Herself From ” Serial Predator” Deshaun Watson

On Tuesday, two more lawsuits were filed against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson — bringing the grand total to 16 now.

In the 14th lawsuit against Watson, the alleged victim — who’s also a masseuse claims — that she had to pull out mace spray to defend herself from Deshaun Watson, even going as far as to label the Houston Texans quarterback as a “serial predator.”

The latest filing details Watson contacting a Los Angeles massage therapist on Instagram, where she acknowledges she marketing her business and obtaining clients, in July 2020.

Watson said he was flying from Georgia to Texas, and then to California, according to the lawsuit. He told the massage therapist his back was “killing him,” and she offered to stretch him, the lawsuit states.


They scheduled a massage for July 15 at a house in Beverley Hills.

The house had a large living room, but Watson led the woman who he’d never met to a room where he shut and locked the door behind him, according to the lawsuit.This prompted the woman to draw her Mace, or self-defense spray, the lawsuit says. Watson saw the Mace and chuckled, according to the lawsuit.

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