Screenshot Of Mac Jones’ Avatar In Madden 22 Looks Nothing Like Him

EA Sports really doesn’t know who Mac Jones.

The New England Patriots quarterback is going to have a hard time seeing himself in the upcoming Madden NFL 22 video game because he won’t be able to recognize himself at all.

The former Alabama QB was taken by the Patriots in Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft, but his avatar in Madden doesn’t reflect his features at all:

As the user stated, maybe Madden hasn’t done an official face scan for Jones yet.


During the draft media proceedings, some of the top prospects were asked to predict their Madden ratings.

“I think my ‘Madden’ rating will be probably a little lower than people will give me credit for. I don’t like, maybe like, 85? But I know they’re gonna lowball me.” As you see above, he actually received a 61.