Richard Sherman 9-1-1 Call Reveals He Was Drunk, Threatened To Commit Suicide

The Richard Sherman story just continues to get more bizarre.

For someone who is a bright, trouble-free, role model-type player, the details emerging from Richard Sherman’s morning of Wednesday Jul 14. seem so out of place, but with more information and accounts being revealed, it seems these events did in fact take place.

Sherman was arrested and booked without bail for burglary domestic violence in what later included a reported hit & run and a fight with police that resulted in the use of the K9 unit.

Now, the call to police has been released to where Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, reveals that the cornerback was drunk, aggressive, and threatened to kill himself. She also noted that he threatened he would fight police if they came.

“I need officers to my house now. My husband is drunk and threatening to kill himself…

“I need officers here now… He’s trying to leave now in the house, he’s being aggressive, he’s wrestling with my uncle, he’s threatening to kill himself, he has sent text messages to people saying he’s going to hand himself.”

“He’s saying that if the police show up… Please don’t shoot is what I’m asking. He has no weapons. He said that if the police show up that he’ll will fight them.”