T.J. Ward Blames Ron Rivera For Getting Cancer In Since Deleted Tweets Regarding COVID

One of the many arguments to get vaccinated is to not only protect yourself, but to help protect others around you. Apparently T.J. Ward doesn’t feel this way.

The NFL is doing it’s best to ensure a safe and complete 2021-22 season, and to do so, they’ve instituted numerous incentives to get every player and coach they can vaccinated. One team where is this is especially important in within the Washington Football Team, where head coach Ron Rivera is immunocompromised due to his battle with cancer just a year ago.

Rivera noted that he was ‘beyond frustrated’ in a group of NFL player’s unwillingness to take the vaccine in order to help keep others safe, which was met with asinine pushback from T.J. Ward.

The former NFL cornerback posted and the later deleted tweets bashing the coach for getting cancer then ‘blaming players’ for his health issues.


Ward continued on his rant with other also-later deleted tweets, but has left two ‘explanation’ tweets up, which can be seen below.