REPORT: Buffalo Bills Ownership Has Explored Possibility Of Moving Team To Austin, TX

Look away Bills Mafia.

The debate on whether professional sports owners should privately pay for their own stadiums or use public funding is one that can go on forever, but it seems as if the Bills are with the thinking of the latter.

The Buffalo Bills have spent time at the New York State Capital of Albany recently speaking with the state and Erie County on a pitch to build a new home for the city’s beloved team, and have pitched a $1.5 billion proposal for a new stadium in Orchard Park neighboring the team’s existing facility. That $1.5 billion would come straight from the taxpayers.

Though the team has reportedly made no “overt threats” per The Buffalo News, ownership has reportedly relayed the message that if they do not get granted the full public funding, there are plenty of other cities elsewhere that desire an NFL franchise and would pay handsomely for it.


The Buffalo News has the full story.