You Won’t Believe How Gross The Food From SoFi Stadium’s First Game With Fans Looked

The Atlanta Falcons made headlines a couple of years ago when it was announces that the concessions at Mercedes-Benz Stadium would operate under a radical new model of affordable, dare we say, cheap, pricing – something typically unheard of in the professional sports concessions industry.

Not only did it work in making the Falcons more money but also making their fans happy and full, but the Falcons further slashed their prices in the following year.

Despite a successful model being displayed within the NFL, SoFi Stadium decided to go in the complete opposite direction, making their food at the insanely overinflated prices we’ve come to know from stadiums.

SoFi hosted it’s first game with fans this past weekend, and the biggest topic from the game was not of the poor performances on the field, but in the kitchen.


Fans posted pictures of their disgusting looking food, which of course, came with hefty price tag.