Kanye West Built An Exact Replica Of His Childhood Home On 50-Yard Line Of Soldier Field

Don’t tell me Kanye West built a damn house inside a football stadium just to not release his album.

Kanye is doing just about everything right now, except dropping his long-awaited album called ‘Donda’, which has been teased by West for years. After missing its scheduled released date, West is testing his fans’ patience by holding massive listening parties to tease the new music.

West has held two listening parties thus far, the latest of which took place inside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Bens Stadium. West, in fact, decided to temporarily live inside the building following the show in order to attempt to the album finished, even live-streaming nearly ever minute of his days and nights for fans as he worked in his small cinderblock makeshift apartment.

Kanye’s latest stunt is that of a third listening party, this time taking place inside Soldier Field in Chicago, West’s hometown.

He’s gone as far as to have his team elaborately construct an exact replica of his childhood home which sits just hours away in the middle of the stadium.

The build is likely a tribute to his mother, to whom the album is named after. Donda West passed 17 years ago.

West bought back the home he grew up in for $225k.