REPORT: NFL Wants Apple To Be Be Next Home For Sunday Ticket And Could Allow Fans To Buy One Team’s Games

There is now a new front runner to become the new home for NFL Sunday Ticket.

According to a report from The Athletic, sources say the NFL hopes becomes the new landing spot for the football package.

Some fans would be happy to know you could possibly purchase individual games if Apple wins the fight for rights to Sunday Ticket, a deal could be made to allow fans to buy access to just one team’s out of market games or single games during the season.

The latest report comes on the heels of CNBC reporting that Amazon was the front-runner for the rights to Sunday Ticket. Along with Amazon, Apple faces competition from other big names including ESPN.


The NFL’s long-standing partnership with DirectTV is coming to an end, following an eight-year agreement the two reached in 2014. The NFL is reportedly looking for more than $2 billion per year for the Sunday Ticket rights, according to The Athletic, which is at least $500 million more than the satellite company is currently paying.

DirecTV has reportedly been losing money on the package. It needs 5 million Sunday Ticket subscribers to cover the current fees and they’ve been getting 2 million on average. It’ll likely be several months before the Sunday Ticket bidding process is over, but Apple looks like the frontrunner.

DirecTV’s partnership is scheduled to come to an end in 2022.