Eagles’ Jalen Reagor Threatens To Beat Up Fan After Getting DM About Lack Of Fantasy Points

They say don’t feed the trolls, but that’s exactly what Jalen Reagor did, and he’ll have to learn the hard way.

It all started when a fan hopped in the Eagles WR’s DMs and jokingly harassed him about his lack of production to start to 2021 season, and generously offered to by him a Big Mac from McDonald’s if stepped t up against the Cowboys on Monday night.

With a five catch, 53 yards performance, the fan hopped back into the messages and dropped another one, this time getting Reagor’s attention.

Reagor threatened to beat up the fan, asking for his address.


The Eagles have released comments saying the fan doctored the images.

That statement has already been disproved as the fan posted a screen recording of the conversation exposing the truth.