Robert Kraft Calls Bill Belichick “The Biggest F*cking A**hole In My Life” In Tell-All Book

Two years ago when the Patriots dynasty showed its first signs of cracking, the public and media alike wondered what exactly the dynamic was between the big three in New England – Kraft, Belichick and Brady.

Thanks to Brady and Kraft now speaking out about some of the things that led to the split after 21 years of sustained success.

An upcoming book from ESPN’s Seth Wickersham, “It’s Better to Be Feared,” notes that Belichick grew tired of making football decisions based to appease the owner (Kraft), to which Kraft took a sign of disrespect.

Per, One of the most damning details came from a story of Kraft visiting a conference in Aspen, Colorado. After meeting some friends at a hotel, the Patriots owner reportedly said that he was sad to leave, but had to go be with the team for an upcoming game against the Detroit Lions.

“I have to go to Detroit to be with the biggest (expletive) a–hole in my life — my head coach,’” Kraft said at the time.