Kentucky LB JJ Weaver Goes Viral For Having Six Fingers On One Hand

Kentucky Wildcats linebacker J.J. Weaver went viral on Saturday ahead of the team’s game against No. 1 ranked Georgia.

The picture surfaced showing Weaver and his six fingers he has on his right hand.

Weaver has six fingers on his right hand, which is known as polydactyly. While Weaver has an extra finger, polydactyly isn’t restricted solely to hands, it’s actually a condition that is observed when a person has an extra digit on either a hand or foot.

According to Seattle Children’s Hospital, the extra digit can have a range in how developed it is. Weaver’s sixth finger on his right hand is reportedly fully functional and is seemingly an asset as he plays football:


Weaver is in his third season with the Wildcats and through six games, he has 17 total tackles and four sacks. He has been a key member of the Kentucky defense has helped the team stay undefeated ahead of it’s game against the Georgia Bulldogs.