Wild Fan Brawl Broke Out During Panthers-Vikings Game In Carolina

The Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers went at it on the field in a crazy game on the field on Sunday but their fanbases may have topped that.

In the concourse of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, fans of both teams went at it in a vicious brawl that ended with a Vikings fan getting knocked out.

Check this out:

It appears the Vikings fan in the purple shirt and shorts is initiating all of this, elevating it from normal trash talk to an actual fight. so it’s only fitting that he ends up getting lit up and winding up on the ground. 

That’s a crazy fight and clearly both sides had a lot of aggression left over after Minnesota’s 34-28 overtime win. Panthers fans were probably wishing Sam Darnold had gotten it going a little earlier in the day, then they wouldn’t have had to climb out of an 11-point deficit late.