A Third “Worse” Video Of Urban Meyer At Bar Exists As Well As “Lurid Texts” To Bar Girl, Meyer’s Wife Threatening Woman’s Family

This Urban Meyer situation certainly died down as soon as emails started leaking out from Jon Gruden over the past week.

It looks like the attention will squarely be back on the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach after the latest rumor surfaced on social media on Sunday.

Rumors are circulating that a third video exists of Meyer and that lady in the bar which is supposedly worse than the first two videos we have already seen. On top of that, Meyer’s wife, Shelley, is rumored to be “threatening the woman’s family, calling her month and grandfather”

“Meanwhile, multiple sources in Cbus telling me about existence of a third video worse than the first two and plenty of lurid texts between both parties. And a certain coach’s wife threatening the woman’s family, calling her mother and grandfather.”


The fastest way for an NFL head coach to lose his team is for him to lose the respect of his locker room. After apologizing to them and the front office, a third posible video would all but force the franchise to part ways with Meyer just to stop the massive distraction his actions have already caused.

All of this leads to how Meyer is now viewed inside the Jacksonville locker room.

“He has zero credibility in that stadium,” a Jaguars player told longtime NFL reporter Michael Silver, adding, “He had very little to begin with.”

The first video of Meyer being grinded on by a woman was bad enough, but then a second video showed the Jacksonville Jaguars coach touching a woman’s backside in a restaurant bar. Meyer is seen sitting in a bar stool behind a woman who is standing in front of him, and he appears to touch her backside with his right hand.

The Jacksonville Jaguars snapped a 21-game losing streak on Sunday, defeating the Miami Dolphins in London. The team is currently on a bye week and will next play in Seattle against the Seahawks on Oct. 31.