NFL Fined Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb $10,300 For Waving At Opposing Player After Game Was Over

The powers at be seem to enjoy taking the fun and passion out of football. On a day where a college receiver had a touchdown wiped off the board after a single high step into the end zone was deemed taunting, and NFL WR was hit with a seven-digit fine for…waving at somebody.

Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb caught a walk-off touchdown in arguably the game of the season when the Cowboys beat the Patriots in Week 4. Mills was unnecessarily pushed by New England corner Jalen Mills as he was crossing the goal line, and taking offense to the shove, Lamb stood up and simply waved bye to Patriots Jalen Mills.

Since the game was over, Lamb wasn’t flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, but the league still fined him $10,300 for the gesture.