A Drunk Fan Tried Climbing Into Ravens Radio Booth During Game vs Bengals

You always see NFL fans running onto the field and getting tackled by stadium security but you never see something like this.

During the Bengals-Ravens game in Baltimore, a drunk fan tried to climb into the Ravens radio booth while the crowd cast team was in the middle of calling Week 7’s game.

One of the Ravens broadcasters, Femi Ayanbadejo, was heard yelling over the play-by-play, “What are you doing?”

The booth went radio silent for a few moments before they finally came back to call the game. It would then explained by an announcer what happened during the ruckus by a guy who identified himself as a veteran who was looking for a drink:


“He was not talking to the players, we actually had a fan who tried to climb into the broadcast booth,” explained lead play-by-play announcer Gerry Sandusky. “She said ‘I’m a veteran an looking for a drink’.”

The Bengals defeated the Ravens, 41-17.