Tom Brady Giving Fan Who Returned His 600th TD Ball A Bitcoin (Worth $63,000) Among Other Things

The fan who gave Brady his 600th TD ball back isn’t doing to bad right now.

Mike Evans mistakenly gave Bucs fan Byron Kennedy his quarterbacks history-making 600th touchdown pass ball, and after quickly giving it back, Kennedy was heavily criticized by social media for not either leaving with it, or holding on to it for more in return.

The ball, which was estimated at $500k-$750k, was returned to the possession of Brady, and in doing so, was given a few things from Tom himself and the team, which included the following:

  • Two signed jersey and a helmet
  • A signed Mike Evans jersey and game cleats
  • $1,000 Bucs team store credit
  • Duel season tickets for the remainder of this season and next

Tom Brady appeared on the Manning’s telecast of Monday Night Football and mentioned he sweetened the haul with a bitcoin, currently worth approximately $63,000.