Aaron Rodgers Says He Gets His Medical Advice Regarding COIVD From Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Aaron Rodgers is at the center of controversy currently in regard to COVID-19 and the NFL after testing positive for the virus.

Although plenty of NFL players have come down with the virus, Rodgers is under fire for appearing to pretend he was vaccinated in order to bypass league protocol, even telling reports he was “immunized” without getting the shot.

Rodgers will miss Sunday’s game against the Chiefs and possibly another week.

He appeared on the Pat McAfee show Friday and was of course asked about the situation, where he quoted MLK about standing up for wrong and mentioned that he sought medical advice from Joe Rogan.

Rodgers stated that under the advice of Rogan and doctors associated with him, he should opt for homeopathic treatment rather than the vaccine.

Rodgers also noted during the interview that the decision not to get vaccinated was due to an allergy to one of the ingredients in both the Phizer and Moderna vaccines, opting not to go with Johnson & Johnson due to other safety concerns.

While the Packers QB is within his full right to withhold medical records from reports, this seems like something that is easily explainable to media members rather than bending around the bush and inferring he was vaccinated.