Video Shows Henry Ruggs At Top Golf Before Deadly Accident; Rumored To Have Had ’18 Shots’

Footage has emerged just hours before Henry Ruggs’ deadly accident that killed a young woman and has him looking at serving some serious jail time.

A video emerged showing the 22-year-old at Top Golf in Vegas with his girlfriend, having good time and presumably where he got so drunk before crashing his Corvette into a Toyota RAV4, killing the female driver and her dog.

Las Vegas insider @VitalVegas added that Ruggs had ’18 shots and other mixed drinks.’

The former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver was clocked 156 mph 2.5 seconds before impact and was traveling at 127 mph at impact, according to prosecutors, citing data from the Corvette’s air bags. Blood was drawn from Ruggs shortly after the crash, showing a blood alcohol level of .161, twice the legal limit for driving under the influence in Nevada.


Ruggs could face a maximum of 46 years behind bars for the various charges he may face. DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm or death and reckless driving have maximum punishments of 20 and six years.