Steelers WR Chase Claypool Says Team Needs To Play Music At Practice To Make It More Fun

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the epitome of no-nonsense, get it done without excuses and hard work when it comes to NFL franchises.

Chase Claypool may need a bit of a history lesson on that.

The Steelers have lost two straight following a tie with the winless Detroit Lions, which may as well count as an L, and Claypool thinks he has a remedy for fixing that.

The Steelers WR insisted the team should play music during practice to make things more fun, which of course wasn’t well received by others.


Steelers lineman Cam Heyward responded with, “I hope he was kidding. Because as soon as he said it, I was about to rip the speaker out.”

Claypool has become associated with the TikTok culture that fellow Pittsburgh teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster has succumb to.