Cowboys Had To Bring Their Own Hot-Seat Benches To Game vs Washington Because The Ones At FedEx Field Don’t Work

Well that makes sense.

On Sunday morning, it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys were bringing their own sideline hot seat benches to FedEx Field for the team’s NFC East matchup against the Washington Football Team.

Originally, we thought that the Cowboys were sending a message to Washington but it seems like they were forced to bring it.

According to ESPN’s Todd Archer, the real reason behind Dallas’ decision to provide their own benches has less to do with superstition, and more to do with keeping the players’ butts warm. As the story goes, a few weeks ago the Seattle Seahawks made the trop to FedEx to take on Washington. And during that game, the hotseat benches that were provided to them by the home side kept going out during the game:

For those who are wondering, the temperature at FexEx today is around 46 degrees at the moment. And it’s expected to get into the 47-49 degree range during game time. 

I applaud the Cowboys’ front office for doing whatever it takes to make their guys as comfortable as possible, but bringing in your own heated benches in weather like this just makes you look weak. I wonder if the WFT players will pick up on that…

Both teams enter today’s game in desperate need of a win. A loss for the Cowboys would move Washington to within just one game of them in the NFC East, while WFT would likely fall out of their wild card spot should they fall at home today.