Bill Belichick Has To Answer To Ridiculous Question From Reporter After Loss To Bills

Has this reporter ever covered a Patriots game before? Anyone who’s covered Bill Belichick before should know that this was the WRONG time to ask this sort of question.

Heading into Week 16 of the 2021 NFL Season, the stakes were about as high as possible for a regular season game when Bill’s Patriots and the Buffalo Bills squared off in a huge AFC East battle.

Unfortunately for New England, they were not at their best, as the Bills issued a stark reminder that they are still the reigning division champs. Just a few weeks after being embarrassed at home by the Pats, Buffalo marched into Foxborough and secured a 33-21 victory.

After the Patriots’ loss, a reporter thought it was a good idea to ask head coach Bill Belichick about his New Year’s Resolution. As you may have guessed by now, Belichick was having absolutely none of it.


As a result of their loss, the New England Patriots fall out of the top spot in the AFC East, and down to sixth place in the AFC overall.