Cameras Catch Mac Jones Getting Distracted By His Own Breath In Freezing Cold vs. Bills

Having grown up in Florida, before playing his college football in the SEC with Alabama, Mac Jones doesn’t have a whole lot of experience playing in the freezing cold temperatures that he’s enduring out there tonight. And it seems to be causing a bit of a distraction for the young rookie.

CBS cameras appeared to catch the New England Patriots quarterback getting distracted by his own breath in the cold Buffalo air while Josh McDaniels was trying to have a word with him. Jones had just come off the field following another failed first quarter drive, when he appeared to look away from his offensive coordinator’s tablet to catch a glimpse of the cold smoke coming from his mouth.

Josh McDaniels didn’t appear to notice, but social media did. And it didn’t take long for someone to call him out:

Jones is playing in his first ever playoff game, and it’s showing. He threw an interception on his opening drive and has struggled to get anything going ever since. Meanwhile, Josh Allen has led the Bills on touchdown drives on each of their first three offensive possessions.


The game is being played in temperatures that are barely above zero degrees after the wind chill. That was expected to provide some extra challenges for Allen and the Buffalo offense, based on previous cold-weather games, but that hasn’t been the case.