86-Year-Old Bengals Fan Breaks Into Tears Watching Cincinnati Get To The Super Bowl

James Lipscomb

Stories like this are why teams with extensive championship droughts makes seeing them get to and or win the big game is so sweet.

The Bengals got back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1989, and in doing so gave fans who have dealt with decades of losing their chance at glory.

One Bengals fan was particularly happy, 86-year-old James Lipscomb, who saw the Bengals play their first-ever game in 1968, broke down into tears watching Cincinnati beat Kansas City in the AFC Championship game.


We are trying to get GRANDPA JIM to the superbowl! 🖤🖤 https://gofund.me/a5358cf9 #bengals #superbowl #whodey @bengals @NFL

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Lipscomb’s grandchild has started a GoFundMe campaign that has gone viral in hopes of getting him to Los Angeles to watch the Super Bowl in person. He’s since since earned the name “Cincinnati’s Grandpa.”  

“We are trying to get grandpa to California to see the Bengals play in the SUPERBOWL [sic] !! All costs would go towards him and a caregiver to get to the game!!,” Elizabeth wrote in her GoFundMe’s description. “I know it is a big ask, but he is the biggest Bengals fan out there at the ripe age of 86!” 

Elizabeth added that Lipscomb has “loved” the Bengals “since he scouted for them in the [coach] Paul Brown era. Had season tickets at Nippert [Stadium]. He has letters back and forth with Bengals brass over the years. I learned to who dey from him. This is pure love right here. He deserves this.”  

“Lets get grandpa to the Super Bowl! WHO-DEY!!”

The campaign is currently nearing $50,000.