REPORT: Alvin Kamara & Three Men Stomped On Victim 23 Times, Punched Him While Unconscious

Details are beginning to emerge of Alvin Kamara’s arrest in Las Vegas and they are not good.

The New Orleans Saints running back is accused of punching an unctuous man on the ground at a Las Vegas nightclub, leading to his arrest on Sunday. Kamara was one of four men involved in the alleged battery, and the four are alleged to have stomped on the victim approximately 23 times and punched the victim nine times, according to police records via Amie Just of

“Court documents obtained on Monday show the attack happened as the victim, identified as Darnell Greene, was leaving the club. Detectives say Greene was waiting for the elevator with a large group of people. Once the elevator doors opened, Greene says Kamara put his hand on his chest, stopping him from walking into the elevator.”

Greene says he pushed Kamara’s hand off his chest, the document states, and was pushed back, before being hit and kicked by multiple people until he lost consciousness.”


Kamara reportedly told detectives Greene called one of his friends ugly and he later said “I’ll whoop your a** too.” The document says Kamara saw a fight break out, saw Greene getting punched, and threw a “couple” punches of his own. When asked why he punched Greene, Kamara reportedly told detectives he thought Greene was running away and had done something to his group, so he chased and punched Greene several times.

There is said to be video on what happened as well.

The NFL issued a statement that said, “We are aware of the matter but will decline further comment at this time.”