Map Shows The Best-Selling NFL Jersey In Every State In United States During 2021 Season

In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, Lids has released graphics from the 2021-22 NFL season to show the “Top Selling NFL Jerseys” and “Top Selling NFL Player Jersey” from each state.

According to the data, recently retired quarterback Tom Brady was the top-selling NFL player Joey in more states than any other player. He topped everybody in 18 states.

The company made note that neither of this year’s Super Bowl contenders, the Rams nor Bengals, were a best-selling team in any state this season. As you know, whomever wins the big game will change fairly quickly:

The Cleveland Browns were were the best-selling NFL team jersey in Ohio while the 49ers were the best-selling team in California. However, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow had the best-selling NFL player jersey in Ohio and Kentucky.


The Dallas Cowboys took the honors of taking over 8 states while Dak Prescott had the best selling jersey in three states.