Rams Legend Eric Dickerson Planning To Skip Super Bowl After Rams Offer Him Nosebleed Seats

Eric Dickerson is arguably the most famous player in the history of the Los Angeles Rams franchise, but with his team in the big game and the Super Bowl in his city, the Hall of Fame running back won’t be attending SoFi Stadium to watch it in person.

Dickerson said during on a CBS Sports Radio’s Maggie and Perloff Show interview that he would rather watch the game on television due to the Rams only offering him nosebleed seat tickets to the Super Bowl.

“Let’s put it like this, they wanted to give me tickets in the rafters,” Dickerson said. “In the 400s, so I said, ‘I’d rather stay at home and watch it.'”

Dickerson was drafted 2nd overall by the Rams in 1983 and in years past has been critical of how the Rams treated him during his time in LA. Perhaps the decision stems from something along those lines…hard to know for sure.