A Bunch NFL Players Took To Social Media To Clown Eli Apple After He Got Cooked By Cooper Kupp

Eli Apple has become public enemy No. 1 in the NFL largely because of the amount of trash he talks about opponents and other fanbases in the league.

However, after a disastrous performance in Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, a bunch of NFL players alongside millions of fans took to social media to clown the f–k out out of the 26-year-old cornerback.

Apple was flagged with a penalty on the final Rams drive for pulling on Cooper Kupp’s jersey, giving Los Angeles a first down on the 1-yard line. Then, quarterback Matthew Stafford fed the ball to Kupp in the back of the end zone without any reaction from Apple for the game-winning touchdown.

Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman and Tyreek Hill, both of which Apple talked smack to after the AFC Championship Game, took to twitter to go off on Apple:

Apple’s former teammates in New Orleans chimed in Apple giving up the game-winning touchdown:

And finally, the Bengals division rival, Baltimore Ravens chimed in:

As of Monday, Eli Apple has yet to respond.