Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancé And Brother Won’t Be Attending Games Anymore After Sitdown Meeting

Following the end of the Kansas City Chiefs season, Patrick Mahomes had a sit-down meeting with his family, who have sort of become distraction for Mahomes for their antics during games and according to Rich Ohrnberger of FOX Sports Radio, the meeting concluded with all parties agreeing that Mahomes’ fiancé and brother won’t be attending any games this upcoming season.

According to Ohrnberger, Mahomes believe that Jackson and Brittany’s sidelines antics, which have included throwing water at fans in Baltimore, dancing on a mural for Sean Taylor and spraying champagne on Chiefs fans have not just been a distraction but also have impacted Mahomes’ brand negatively.

Ohrnberger does note that things could change but one thing is for certain, we will se a much more toned down Mahomes’ family.