REPORT: 25-Year-Old Woman Suing Jerry Jones Alleging He’s Her Biological Father

Leave it to Jerry Jones to steal the thunder from all of the blockbuster quarterback trades taking place in the NFL right now.

According to a recent report, the Dallas Cowboys owner is currently being sued by a 25-year-old woman who’s alleging he’s her biological father. The report from Dallas News’ Nataly Keomoungkkoun claims that Jones and the woman’s mother agreed to a settlement to financially support them in exchange for her silence regarding Jerry’s involvement as the woman’s father.

The Dallas News article claims that the woman, Alexandra Davis, is a congressional aid who grew up in North Texas.

Via Dallas News:


Attorneys for Alexandra Davis filed the lawsuit Thursday in Dallas County, saying that Jones and her mother had a relationship in the mid-1990s from which she was conceived. According to court documents, Jones and Davis’ mother, Cynthia Davis, reached a settlement to financially support the mother and child as long as they didn’t publicly identify Jones as her father.

Alexandra Davis is asking a court to find that she isn’t legally bound by the agreement between Jones and her mother if she were to attempt to legally establish that he is her father. She doesn’t want to be sued or lose her financial trusts. She is also seeking declaration from the court that such settlement agreements should be “unenforceable” in Texas.

The case is currently sealed, with a hearing scheduled for March 31. Parties representing both sides have declined to comment on the matter.

If Alexandra’s name sounds familiar, that’s because her and her mother Cynthia Davis appeared on the Big Rich Texas, which follows the lives of five wealthy women and their daughters. During the show, Cynthia claimed she was living off a trust fund.

According to the lawsuit, Alexandra Davis was born on December 16, 1996. Not long after, Cynthia divorced her husband and during the proceedings, it was determined through genetic testing that Alexandra was not the child of Cynthia’s husband.

Cynthia then told Jerry Jones that he was the father, to which he replied that he could not have children. However, the two of them eventually came to terms and Jones agreed to help Cynthia and Alexandra financially, in exchange for their silence.

In exchange for confidentiality, a lump sum payment of $375,000 would be paid to Cynthia Davis once the settlement was executed, and two trusts were set up and funded by Jones for Alexandra Davis, court documents said.

Alexandra Davis was to receive “certain monthly, annual and special funding” from the trusts until she turned 21, and yearly lump sums when she turned 24, 26 and 28. The grantor of the trusts was Jack, which the lawsuit alleges was to hide Jones’ identity.

The lawsuit said that Jones barred Alexandra Davis, who was a 1-year-old at the time of the settlement, from ever seeking to legally establish paternity.

Jones married his current wife, Eugenia, in 1963. Looks like the Cowboys’ offseason just got that much more interesting.

For more details on the lawsuit, check out the Dallas News article here.