Tom Brady’s “Final” TD Pass Ball Bought At Auction 3 Days Ago For $500k, Now Worth Only $25k-$50k

Expectedly or unexpected depending on who you talk to, Tom Brady came out of retirement Sunday night to the dismay of 31 NFL teams, but the person who was down the most wasn’t anyone set to play against him, but rather the guy who thought he hit the jackpot a few days prior.

Brady tossed his final touchdown pass in the final minutes of the Bucs divisional round loss to the Rams.

The person who ended up with the ball put it up for auction last week, and it was purchased at a hammer price of a whopping $500k.

Of course the only significance of that ball other than being a Tom Brady playoff TD touchdown pigskin, is the fact that it was the final TD toss of arguably the most illustrious career in sports.


With Brady back and that fact now void, the bidder is set to lose $450k, with the ball now holding an estimated appraisal of at the most, $50k, possibly as low as $25k.