Aaron Rodgers Resigned Contract Fully Aware Davante Adams Wouldn’t Be With Packers Next Season

The moment the news broke that arguably the best WR in football would be traded from the Packers, every fan’s initial thoughts went to Aaron Rodgers.

It seemed as if Green Bay was either going to get both of them back, or neither, but in the end, the possibility that nobody suspected played out.

The Packers shipped Davante Adams off to Vegas Friday in exchange for two picks including a first, despite Rodgers seemingly taking a cap-friendly deal in order to retain his favorite tagret.

Well, we won’t get the drama many of us had hoped for as it appears as if Rodgers signed his new deal fully aware that Adams would not be playing in green and yellow next season.

In fact, it wasn’t even the money that lured Adams away, as the Packers were willing to match Vegas’ offer.