BREAKING: Browns Out Of Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes, Will Likely Stick With Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns have never been a high profile destination for prized free agent, and this offseason will be more of the same.

Only a handful of teams were left in the sweepstakes for the Texans QB, with the Browns meeting with Houston this past week in order to discuss a possible trade, which would leave the team of course moving on from Baker Mayfield.

With the news of the meeting, Mayfield posted a heartfelt seemingly good bye letter to Twitter, which was followed with harsh reported comments from the Browns, stating that they were looking for an “adult” at QB.

Just one day later, and it looks like despite what appeared to be a fractured relationship beyond repair, Cleveland could end up sticking with Mayfield at QB, which would be an awkward situation to say the least.