REPORT: Washington Commanders Allegedly Withheld Visiting Team Ticket Revenue From NFL

Another day, another scandal involving the Washington Commanders.

According to Front Office Sports, the House Oversight Committee has received information that alleges the Washington Commanders kept ticket revenue that is supposed to b shared with other NFL teams.

According to NFL bylaws, all teams are required to pass 40% of ticket sales from each home game, minus ticket handling charges and taxes tot eh league, which then disperses the funds to visiting teams. At least one person gave information in recent weeks to Congressional investigators that alleges the Commanders didn’t pass along the full 40%.

What is unknown is how long the alleged scheme ran or who authorized it. The Commanders and the NFL learned about the allegations in recent weeks, the reports says.


The House Oversight Committee has expanded its investigation beyond just allegations that the Commanders fostered a hostile workplace to investigating the finances of the team and their owner Dan Snyder.