Hall Of Famer Gil Brandt Under Fire Over Insensitive Comments About Dwayne Haskins’ Tragic Death

Sometimes in times of tragedy, the best thing to say would be nothing at all.

That’s a lesson that Gil Brandt needs to learn after his comments during his SirusXM NFL’s radio show about the tragic death of Dwayne Haskins.

Haskins tragically died on Saturday morning when he was hit by a car in South Florida. When the topic came up on Brandt’s radio show, he made some insensitive comments about Haskins:


“I hate anytime anybody is killed or anybody dies, but he was a guy that was living to be dead, so to speak. They told him, don’t under any circumstance leave school early. ‘You just don’t have the work habits, you don’t have this, you don’t have that.’ What did he do? He left early,” Brandt said.

Brandt went on to say:

“It’s a tragic thing anytime somebody dies, especially when you’re 24 years old and have your whole life ahead of you. But maybe if he stayed in school a year he wouldn’t do silly things. Jogging on a highway on a road like that leaves it open.”

Here’s the full audio:

Brandt, 90, is a former Super Bowl-winning executive for the Cowboys and is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it’s fair to wonder if there will be any consequences for his outlandish comments.