Kyler Murray Calls Out Colin Cowherd For His Comments About Murray’s Work Ethic

FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd is not shy of making controversial an inflammatory statements and on Thursday, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray called him out his most recent take.

During today’s episode of The Herd, Cowherd compared Murray to back-to-back league MVP Aaron Rodgers — but not in a flattering way.

Cowherd argued that Murray is difficult to build a good “culture” around.

“Kyler Murray is Aaron Rodgers. Aloof, trust issues and kind of do their own thing… They lean on their talent.”


Murray responded to this take with his own message on Twitter.

“Run whatever narratives y’all wanna run with… but questioning my work ethic, we not going for. Stop playin’ w/ me Colin. I still rock w/ you but cmon,” the Pro-Bowl QB wrote.

Cowherd’s comments were sparked by Murray’s ongoing conflict with the Cardinals organization.

The former No. 1 overall pick is not attending this offseason’s voluntary workouts as he continues his longterm contract dispute with the franchise. He’s reportedly not expected to take the field unless the two sides can workout a new deal before the 2022 season.