Here’s What Will Happen If a Draft Prospect Dares To Jump Into The Bellagio Fountain

The red carpet stage will be floating outside the fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

The ambitious plan will see the event feature a red carpet stage on the lake in front of the hotel with boats that were supposed to ferry them to the show. That plan was scrapped.

However, those boats will be put to good use should one of the draft picks decided to jump in the Bellagio fountain. A rescue team will be patrolling the waters to ensure everyone stays safe.

“The “pick up” team is ready just in case a draft pick decides to jump in the Bellagio water after walking the red carpet,” Darren Rovell tweeted.


On just a regular day in Vegas, somebody jumping in that water would get arrested. The draft picks won’t see cuffs but might get a stern talking to about their actions.

A total of 32 prospects will hear their names called during tonight’s 2022 NFL Draft. Let’s hope all of them stay dry.

Thursday will undoubtedly be a night to remember for those who are drafted, and the setting will be a big part of it.