Medical Examiner Reports Dwayne Haskins Had Extremely High Blood Alcohol Level At The Time Of Death

Well, a sad story gets even more sad.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins tragically passed away last month in story that had many scratching their heads to what happened and how it could have happened when he was struck by a dump truck and another vehicle while walking on a Florida highway in the early hours of the morning.

It was a plethora of bad decisions that landed Haskins fighting for a starting job after such promise coming out of Ohio State, and it was ultimately another bad decision that causes Haskins to lose his life.

On Monday, a medical examiner who performed an autopsy on Haskins’ body revealed that the QB had a high blood alcohol content of .24 at the time of his passing. 


Haskins, whose car ran out of gas on Ft. Lauderdale’s busy I-95 highway, exited the vehicle and was walking around for approximately 20 minutes apparently looking to retrieve gas, crossing multiple lanes of oncoming traffic when he was struck.

At a blood alcohol level that high, losing consciousness if not uncommon and if the patron is conscious, complete loss of physical control begins to onset.