Renderings Of New Washington Commanders Proposed Stadium & Practice Facility Revealed

The Washington Commanders (as they are now called) have been the butt of many of the jokes when it comes to worst franchises in the NFL along with the Giants and Lions, but at least those two teams can say they play in a stadium competent enough to hold footbal games in 2023 without sewage spewing onto fans during games.

That, among a host of other reasons have had football fans in Washington clambering for a new stadium, and it looks like they’re about to get their wish.

The franchise recently acquired the right to purchase 200 acres of land in Woodbridge, Va. at the price of around $100 million, which leads few options other than using the land as a potential site for its new stadium at bay.

Woodbridge is a bit of a distance from the actual capital, nearly 25 miles and 47 minutes out to be exact, making it the third furthest stadium from the team’s host city’s center in the NFL behind New England and San Francisco.


Of course with just the purchasing rights secured, it doesn’t mean the deal is final or the plot of land will be the team’s new stomping ground, and four more other sites including near the Potomac Shores Golf Club in Dumfries, Va., a quarry near Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Va., RFK Stadium in Washington, and a site near FedEx Field all being a possibility.

The team commissioned renders of the new digs including their practice facility/HQ, a team village and the stadium, which looks a far cry than what FedEx Field has to offer.

(The Washington Post)