ABC News Tweets Out Tone-Deaf Statement While Reporting The Death Of Former Cowboys RB Marion Barber

(Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images)

ABC News needs to find better social media guys after the way they reported the death of former NFL running back Marion Barber on Wednesday.

On Wednesday the news outlet included a total unnecessary fact about Marion Barber’s career with the Dallas Cowboys while sharing the news of his passing at 38 years old.

Here’s the full message:

“JUST IN: Marion Barber III, the former Dallas Cowboys running back who scored plenty of touchdowns without recording a 1,000-yard season, has died, the team said Wednesday. He was 38.” 

What’s the point of including the fact that he didn’t have a 1,000 rushing season? Is that suppose to play a role in how people feel about the tragic death?


ABC is taking heat from fans around the NFL world. The tweet appears to be automated from the lede for the AP story, which has since been changed. But the ABC News tweet remains up.

Meanwhile, Twitter [rightfully] dragged the news network: