Dolphins Were Set To Offer Sean Payton Mega-Deal Making Him Highest Paid Coach In NFL History

The Miami Dolphins and frankly, the entire landscape of the NFL would look a little different had the dominos fell a slightly different way.

The Brian Flores bombshell lawsuit let to a lot of things, and maybe the most notable of which was one that didn’t happen, which was Miami’s plan to pair Tom Brady with Sean Payton in aqua and orange.

The plan was scrapped following the lawsuit, and Brady stayed with the Buccaneers and Sean Payton ultimately retired from coaching. Perhaps the offer the Dolphins on the table would have made that decision to hand up the headset a tad more difficult for the former Saints head coach.

According to multiple sources, the Phins were prepared to throw a mega-deal at Payton worth $100 million over just four years (tweet below notes 5 years, which was confirmed to be 4 by Albert Breer of the Monday Morning Quarterback). Keep in mind, the ceiling for NFL coaching contracts was reset when Jon Gruden received that same figure for more than double the amount of years just a few years prior.

The total would have made Payton the highest paid coach in NFL history.