NFL Players Seen Sporting Futuristic New Helmets During Training Camp

The NFL helment is evolved from a glorified leather cap to today’s modern day technology allowing for light and sleek lids, and it looks as if we’re on the cusp of the latest iteration.

The NFL Riddell SpeedFlex has been the staple helmet of choice for players across the league for nearly ten years, and Ridell has just released a state-of-the-art design called the Axiom that will likely replace the previous model.

The Axiom allows for customization, meaning each player is custom fitted to their specific helmet, increasing fit and safety. The design also caters to increased vision with a larger viewing area, and InSite Smart helmet technology, an innovative impact sensing and reporting system that collects and transmits head impact data from the field in real-time. (Riddell)

NFL stars such as Ezekiell Elliott, J.J. Watt and Budda Baker were seen trying out the new tech during training camp.