Late NFL WR Demaryius Thomas Had Stage 2 CTE When He Died At The Age Of 33

Demaryius Thomas passed away at the far too young age of 33 in December of 2022, leaving many questions surrounding the death of the former star WR. Now, with his brain having been donated and examined, we have some more answers to help us and Thomas’ family fill in the blanks.

After reportedly struggling with seizures for over a year, Thomas IS believed to have died from a seizure that occurred while he was taking a shower.

“He was alone and a friend couldn’t get hold of him, so he called his driver, who has a key because of these seizures, and he went into his home and found him in the shower,” a close childhood friend after his death.

Perhaps a reason behind the seizures was the damage that had occurred to Thomas’ brain during his football career, with has been diagnosed as Stage 2 CTE following his death.