Odell Beckham Jr. Paid An Artist To Create Painting Of Rams WR Saving Himself From Cleveland Browns

You think Odell Beckham Jr. was happy to get the heck out of Cleveland?

The controversial wide receiver made that pretty obvious once he was granted his release from the team during the 2021 season. And the result was him signing on with the eventual Super Bowl-winning Los Angeles Rams.

Now, to pay tribute to the career-defining moment that brought him his first championship ring, Odell Beckham Jr. has commissioned artist Charlie Failure to create a painting depicting the Rams’ wide receiver saving himself from those dysfunctional Cleveland Browns.

In the painting, OBJ is depicted in a Rams jersey, offering a helping hand to a Browns version of himself that is faceless and sitting on the ground. 


Charlie posted a photo of the painting to his Instagram account with the following caption:

Did this piece for @obj & @bendadonnn 

The importance of picking yourself up cannot be understated. This piece of art is self-explanatory.

Here’s a look at the masterpiece: