REPORT: Cleveland Browns Attempted Another Blockbuster QB Trade Before Deshaun Watson

(Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns were dead set on improving the QB position this offseason, and they pulled it off by trading for Deshaun Watson. However, they tried to grab another QB before that.

According to NFL insider Benjamin Allbright, the Browns attempted to trade for Russell Wilson.

Acording to Dan Patrick, Cleveland came close to getting Wilson in 2018 before opting instead to draft Baker Mayfield.

“(The Browns) wanted Russell Wilson a couple years ago,” said Dan Patrick during his morning radio show.


“Seattle, from what I’m told, was going to take Josh Allen,” said Patrick. “And the Browns were going to take Russell Wilson. They were going to have a trade between those two teams.”

After trading multiple first-round picks to the Texans, the Browns shelled out $230 million guaranteed to Watson.

Russell Wilson ended up being traded to the Denver Broncos for much less than the Texans received for Watson.

Now the team is waiting to hear how long Watson will be suspended to start the 2022 season.