Here’s How Browns Fans React To Deshaun Watson Coming Onto Practice Field During Training Camp

As Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson strolled onto the practice field during Saturday’s training camp, everybody was wondering what reaction he would receive since most of the fan base was split on him being traded to the team.

It was the first open practice and was the first opportunity for Browns fans to see their new and controversial quarterback.

Watson, who was accused of sexual misconduct by 24 massage therapists and has settled 20 of the civil lawsuits, was actually met with cheers and no audible boos that could be heard.

His first appearance in front of a crowd of Browns fans ended with him spending a lot of time with fans.


He signed dozens of autographs, posed for pictures, played rock paper scissors with one kid, and even gave away his cleats after signing them:

The Browns acquired Watson in a blockbuster trade with the Houston Texans. He’s awaiting a decision from independent arbitrator Sue L. Robinson on whether he violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy and the length of a potential suspension after being accused by more than two dozen women of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions.