Colin Kaepernick Being Mentioned For The Cleveland Browns Amid Deshaun Watson Suspension

The Cleveland Browns should be getting serious about adding another QB to the roster, and there’s a polarizing name on the open market that merits a hard look.

Former San Francisco 49ers‘ signal caller Colin Kaepernick has not taken a snap in the NFL since the 2016 season. However, Kaepernick has been aggressive in pursuing a return to the gridiron.

He worked out for the Las Vegas Raiders in May after engaging in preliminary talks about joining the Seattle Seahawks in March. Now, as embattled Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson waits to see what happens during the NFL’s appeal of his six-game suspension, Cleveland is being mentioned as a possible suitor for Kaepernick to help fill the void Watson will leave alongside backups, Jacoby Brissett and Josh Dobbs.

The 34-year-old Kaepernick still has the potential to bring unwanted attention to the Browns, but it wouldn’t be any worse than the PR nightmare the team is dealing with by having Watson, who has been accused by as many as 24 women of sexual assault and misconduct.


Kaepernick brings baggage with him but his baggage never led to criminal complaints or a slew of civil actions resulting from alleged acts ranging between sexual harassment and sexual assault. He simply put a knee on the ground during the playing of a National Anthem that not many people in this country could recite without looking up the lyrics on Google.

If the Browns can offer Watson a fully-guaranteed contract worth $230 million over five years, they can afford to extend Kaepernick a workout.