Jay Glazer Got Called Out For Making Up Story About Mike Tomlin Breaking Up Kids Fight And Inviting Them To Practice

Jay Glazer never misses when it comes to NFL news.. until now.

On Thursday, FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer shared a story that featured a classy gesture from Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. 

Glazer said Tomlin invited a group of kids to training camp after seeing them fight in the streets. 

24 hours later, Glazer’s viral story about Tomlin is now in question as a few people on social media said the children Tomlin invited to training camp weren’t fighting in the street.


“It wasn’t the ‘feel good story’ you wanted so you turned little black boys into hoodlums who needed reformation,” a person tweeted at Glazer. “Explain yourself.”

Another person pointed out that Tomlin has a relationship with the kids from Jasmine Nyree Campus. The official Facebook account for Jasmine Nyree Campus posted a video of the Sheradon Youth enjoying their field trip at the Steelers’ camp his week.

Glazer has not issued a statement on his recent report involving Tomlin.