49ers’ George Odum Blasts The NFL For Mistakingly Fining Him For Not Having Knees Covered During Preseason Game

George Odum got a surprise in his locker from the NFL this week, and that came in the form of a letter from the league stating that he was being fined more than $5,000.

The San Francisco 49ers safety was docked because the league believed he violated the NFL’s uniform and equipment rules during the 49ers’ 17-7 preseason win over the Vikings on Aug. 20.

“Specifically, your pants failed to cover the knee area,” NFL Vice President of Football Compliance Akil Coad wrote in the letter. “Rule 5, Section 4, Article 3, Item (4) of the 2022 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League states that pants must be worn over the entire knee area; pants shortened or rolled up to meet the stockings above the knee are prohibited.”

Due to the violation, Odum was hit with a total fine of $5,305.

Odum not only did not agree, but he also took to Twitter to call out the league by posting a copy of the letter as well as a screenshot of the game – where his knees were pretty clearly covered up.

Odum could have accepted the fine, but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to do that.

Odum had an interception in that game against the Vikings and now he would like to keep his money in his bank.