NBC Cameras Caught Jimmy Garoppolo Getting Frustrated At Kyle Shanahan: “All Your Plays Suck”

Jimmy Garoppolo is not one to usually lose his composure, but he seemingly gave a rare glimpse into his psyche Sunday night, appearing to mouth the words, “All your plays suck, man” during a tense moment in the 49ers’ loss to Denver.

It’s unclear what specific play or plays Garoppolo took exception to, but it’s obvious that he is unhappy and he and Kyle Shanahan weren’t on the same page.

Garoppolo completed 18 of his 29 pass attempts for 211 yards, one touchdown, and one interception, and lost a fumble in San Francisco’s Week 3 defeat to Denver.

Despite his bold words of desiring freedom, Garoppolo proved that he was the same quarterback that he’s been since he began his tenure with the 49ers. Watching the game, you saw him misfire on throws, lock onto receivers, and completely forget where he was when he stepped out at the back of the end zone.

Garoppolo will need to play better than his porous performance in Week 3 if the team desire to make the playoffs again this year.