Fan Who Won Commanders Raffle Says The Team’s Prize Check Bounced After He Deposited It

The Washington Commanders truly are a poverty franchise.

A Washington Commanders season-ticket holder recently won a Commanders’ raffle. The prize was a check made payable to him for $14,000.

The fan — Drew Shipley — won the 50/50 at a raffle back in September, but he says didn’t get the check until this week after more than a month of asking questions. When he went to cash it this week, he says the check bounced.

“It’s the principle of the matter of how they handled it, starting at the communication level, retaining the employees, retaining customers as season ticket holders. This is my first season, I just moved out here. How are you going to retain these people who are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a season?” said Shipley. 


Shipley even provided proof of the $14,822 check with local media, which he said came from the “Washington Football Charitable Foundation.”

After the story went viral on social media, Commanders media relations confirmed to Washington Post reporter Nicki Jhabvala that the check bounced. They blamed it on the bank and announced they wired Shipley his money in a statement provided:

“We’ve reached out to the fan and sent an electronic payment directly to his account. It was a bank error, and we have reached out to the bank to determine what happened and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

This story just adds to the laundry list of embarrassing moments this franchise has gone through since Dan Snyder bought the team.